Season of Change

0 Creativity

I have always loved the summertime. I was born in July, and feel very connected to the middle of the year when the days are long, the sun is warm, and life feels a little more carefree. I spend a lot of time on our patio reading, writing, dreaming with my love about our future, […]


0 Rain on window

Note: I was organizing my writing files and found this beginning to a story that I started about 10 years ago. Sorry for the language; the lady is a sailor 😉  A red silk scarf dangled from her fingers and dark hair hung in damp clumps about her face. With wild eyes scanning the restaurant […]

No, Not Velociraptors

1 Red Tailed Hawk

For nearly three years I was proud to utter this sentence: “I volunteer at a raptor rescue.” To which, every once in a while the person I was talking to would reply with a grin: “Like, . . . Velociraptors?!” And we would have a good laugh and I would picture myself teaching a Velociraptor […]

An Actual Store is Carrying My Book

9 Book at BookBar

Ohhhhh yeeea, an actual store is carrying my book! Dream come true! The BookBar of Denver accepted my book into their local author program and I could not be more grateful. So of course I had to get a picture of me grinning stupidly next to my book on the shelf. So cheers to the […]

How Do YOU Dream?

7 dreams

I’m doing some research for my next book and would like to know the following from you, dear reader: How many days a week would you say you remember what you dreamed about? Are your dreams detailed, or vague? Do you have recurring dreams? Do you have night terrors? (Different than nightmares. With night terrors […]

The Smoking Cowboy

2 Cigarette

I am fortunate to have several different routes I can take to work in the morning. I make the decision based on traffic, weather, stops I might need to make on the way, and lately – just to see if I glimpse a particular person. I started noticing that the same man would be walking […]

Book is Published!

3 cut-and-bound cover

BAM! Book published! Dream come true! Item on bucket list – checked off! What a surreal moment for me when I saw my book on the Amazon sales page. I LITERALLY (Chris Traeger, Parks & Rec) started laughing out loud. Kind of a crazy-goofy-off-your-rocker laugh. It’s finally real. Thank you to all of you who […]

Book Cover is Finished!

7 cut-and-bound cover

It is with much glee and grinning that I reveal the cover for my novel! I am very fortunate that my love and partner in life is also a Creative Director and brilliant artist! Head over to this page to read the book description. That is also where the link to the sales page on […]

Hobby Overload?

4 Orchid

Sometimes I find myself with so many interests, hobbies and projects in the works that I can hardly decide which to focus on first. It’s fun to have multiple interests and things I can go to at any time to fill my creative need. And that need is loud and ravenous! Creativity is part of […]